LACElab presenters at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Each year, NC State holds a symposium for undergraduate researchers in the summer. This year we had high participation from the lab, with five posters and projects. Congrats to the presenters! They did a great job today!


Rachel presents on gender (non) differences in video game performance and the importance of spatial ability.


Kristen and Iya present their work in helping to discover the level of decision-aid assistance that both helps people make good nutrition decisions and learn to make them without the aid present.


Tim and Jesse presented their ongoing data collection to validate an online working memory measure that can be deployed on phones and tablets.


Karen presented her work on feedback and practice schedules for learning to estimate portion sizes.


Rachel and Phoebe presented their work to understand how people communicate about chronic health conditions in online forums, particularly the types of socioemotional support they seek or provide to each other.