Graduate Students

W. Braxton Hicks

Braxton graduated from The College of William and Mary 2015 with a B.S in Human Factor Physics, and again in 2016 with a M.S. in Financial Accounting. Braxton is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Human Factors and Applied Cognition and is primarily interested in cognitive development within the areas of training and feedback.


Laura Matalenas

Laura graduated from Georgia Tech in 2014, and is pursuing her PhD in Human Factors and Applied Cognition. She is interested in data visualization in older adults, specifically to support learning and skill acquisition for healthy aging.

Mak Pryor

Mak graduated from New College of Florida in 2013 and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Factors and Applied Cognition. Mak is interested in visual perception and aging, and how older adults interact with the world.



John Sprufera

John graduated from NC State and is pursuing their Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology. John has worked on projects ranging from human factors in safety, in the domains of agriculture and unregulated adventure sports, to more cognitive-centered projects such as exploring the mental load feedback can create during learning in various modalities.


Alex Trowbridge – CV

Alex graduated from Lander University in 2012, and is pursuing his Ph.D in Human Factors and Ergonomics. Alex is studying perceptual training, and is also broadly interested in the effects of movement and spatial information, real and simulated, on learning and cognition.


Emily Wright

Emily graduated from the University of Dayton with an M.A. in 2017 and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Factors and Applied Cognition. Emily is primarily interested in cognitive and perceptual changes with expertise in both real-world and virtual environments, and the use of interactive technology in education.



Lab Director

Anne Collins McLaughlin – CV



Ph.D., Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007

M.S., Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003

B.A., Double major:Psychology & English, Trinity University, 1998

Dr. McLaughlin also Co-Directs the Gains Through Gaming Lab with Dr. Jason Allaire.

Research Interests

  • Motivation for cognitively complex activities
  • Age-related changes in cognitive abilities
  • Learning at older ages
  • Training to use technology
  • Cognitive ergonomics
  • Training for maintenance of cognitive ability

Classes Taught


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