About the lab

2023/2024: Trevor Patten, Dave Feltner, Rachel Benton, Frank Lodge, Andy Salas, Khalaeb Richardson, Anne McLaughlin, Eve Vazquez, Farahnaz Ibrahimi, Aditi Akula. Not pictured: Imani Murph, Emily Hartkop, Armaan Raina.


The LACE Lab adheres to the scientist-practitioner model. Research in this lab contributes to basic theories of learning and behavior while acknowledging the importance of applying this knowledge to your daily life. We are currently investigating the development of cognition aids to help operators perform complex tasks under time pressure and distracting circumstances.

Other human factors interests include HCI design for special populations and the study of motivated complex behaviors, such as challenging hobbies and the maintenance of skill into older age.

The lab functions as part of the Human Factors and Applied Cognition Program at NC State.